Simply White

Choosing a white paint color and paint finish is not as easy as it looks.

White paint has 6 different undertones and they can be complicated. Benjamin Moore's

Off White Collection is composed of warm whites (Pink, Orange and Yellow) to cool whites (Blue, Green and Gray).

My go-to White is Decorator's White for ceilings and trim because it's a bright and clean white.

One of my favorite finishes is a Matte Finish. A Matte finish is powdery, soft and extremely durable. It will help hide surface imperfections in a wall. It's perfect for heavy traffic areas because it resists marring and finger smudges, with the kiddos.

It's not as simple as BM OC-117 Simply White

Design Tip: If you are looking to create an organic, natural feel a chalky finish with unfinished, unstained woods will give you that Scandinavian design vibe.

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