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White - crisp or creamy?

        Yes, white can be complicated and a color scheme based on a single color can fall flat! 

          White is still going strong in 2018!  Our window treatment sample books are filled with some beautiful whites from crisp to creamy with texture and shimmer. 

       It's knowing how to add interest in a space that creates a visually pleasing look which is why our shop-at-home window treatment services are vital.

         Here is a great example of adding interest with basic white blinds: 

 A classic white wood blind with a decorative white twill tape adds vertical and horizontal                                                interest to a space.  A big bang for your dollar!    

   So here is the complicated part about white.  Whites are classified as cool or warm,  

crisp and/or creamy white.  Do you have a good eye for color?  Do you know that most consumers prefer white when it comes to window treatments.  They feel safer with white because it will go with everything.  But is it the correct white? 

Our color consultations can help because all whites are not the same even in the window treatment industry.  Our shop-at-home window treatment services ensure the correct white.                                   

         Here are some of our Benjamin Moore go-to white paint colors: 

    White Dove OC-17, China White PM-20, Decorator's White PM-3, Acadia White OC-38 

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