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Designer Roller Shades

Not everyone is visual and that's ok. I like to inspire my clients with inspiration photos like this

one. When I say Roller Shades, I get some clients making a face or saying, "Oh I don't want those." I love to show them an inspirational photo to see how they react. Our Designer Roller and Screen Shade Collections can look beautiful even in a dining room. It's all about knowing what works, the style, the color and the look you are trying to accomplish.

So let's break down this look because it's a great example of how our Designer Roller Shades

work in this room. This dining room has a feeling of simple elegance and by choosing our

Designer Roller Shades or Screen Shades your possibilities are endless. There are 4 difference opacities. They are sleek, classic, simple enough to look elegant and blend in perfectly. Bonus...

they don't require frequent dusting!

So how do you create visual interest? Look at the wood beams and the accent wall with picture

frame moldings. Picture frame moldings totally transform a room.

Now look at the beams on the vaulted ceiling. Installing beams or even better faux beams (which save you $$) create interest, add warmth and pull a space together. I also love the simplicity of the elongated chandelier and the fact that this dining room is capable of not requiring an area rug.

So now, maybe you are more open to Roller Shades!

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