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Collectibles | Collections or Junk?

I decided to write this post, after I went into a full blown "save or throw out mode" in January. I came across items that no longer made me feel good and so I made two piles. Is it something that is a true collectible, a collection of _ _ _ _ or junk ? Well that's another topic and something only you can decide.

Honestly, whether you have true collectibles or "collections", they add interest and they should make you feel good when you look at them. They can inspire a color scheme, the style of a space and the mood of a space.

I love this inspiration photo with the collection of vintage thermoses, velvet pillows and plaid throws. I saved this photo because I thought it was so pretty and had lots of interest and texture. I never thought I would be writing about collectibles when I first saw it.

So now, I'll break it all down. I love how the thermoses might only be displayed in the Winter to create a vignette that reflects a feeling of warmth and coziness and to then be taken down in the Spring. I love the mix of vintage and fresh new plaid. I love the textures and patterns. I love how collections add interest and tie a space together. I love how affordable trendy collections can add interest in a space and then be discarded after it's trend has ended and I admire and have an appreciation for true collectibles that are a permanent fixture in a space.

What's important is knowing how to display or get inspired with your collectibles. I use Pinterest because it's an excellent source for inspirational photos.

We hope this inspires you!

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